18 Informaciones Psiquiátricas 2022 - n.º 248 Abstract A stroke is a situation of great personal, fa- mily, and social significance. The sequel cause problems to integrate the individual at his life before the stroke, and this is difficult to parti- cipate in society, where his role has changed. The strategies, in case of accident, are differents depending on time and ambit. The etiology is very important in the acute phase, post acuse phase and chronic phase, however, after chronic phase the etiology less important and the varia- bles such as the psychosocial and work context of the affected person and his family are more important. Personal and family situations should be reviewed to pay attention to the degree of dependency. The analysis must include evalua- tion instruments that, from a integrative pers- pective, includes all areas of life important to people, and analyze their quality of life. At this time, it is essential to build a life proyect for people with stroke and their families, focused on emotional, physical and social aspects, using the resource and alternatives that are in Spain to people with a chronic stroke. Keywords: Stroke; Chronic Phase; Social Re- sources; Autonomous Regulations; Quality of life. Carmen Delia Álamo González / Maite Amada Labarga Hermenegildo / Patricia Heras Vacas