Informaciones Psiquiátricas 2022 - n.º 246 9 Abstract The psychiatric syndromes derived from acquired brain injury are the behavioural consequences of the combination of cogniti- ve, emotional and volitional sequelae. Their impact on the quality of life of patients and relatives is far greater tan the impact of motor or sensory deficit. The description of these behavioural presentations and an attempt to understand the formation of the symptoms will be undertaken. Changes in awareness, empathy, emotional recognition and regulation are important mediating fac- tors. Behavioural changes mainly take the form of disinhibition or apathy. Psychotic syndromes, major depression or bipolar di- sorders are rare. Some delusional ideas res- pond to changes in the perception of novel- ty or to changes in body perception. Key words : Neuropsychiatry, brain injury, behavioural changes, anosognosia, apathy, disinhibition. THE NEUROPSYCHIATRY OF ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY José Ignacio Quemada Psiquiatra. Servicio de Daño Cerebral, Hospital Aita Menni, Bilbao.