72 Informaciones Psiquiátricas 2021 - n.º 244 Conclusiones: El número de personas con caídas repetidas parece elevado, mas parece consecuencia de las características personales que de las am- bientales. Muy positiva parece la ausencia de consecuencias graves (no fractura). A pesar de la elevada comorbilidad de los residentes, un número importante deambula solo. Ocu- rren por el día, en los lugares comunes y en presencia de otras personas. Palabras clave: Caídas. Personas mayores, Centro Sociosanitario. STUDY OF FALLS IN A RESIDENTIAL AREA FOR OLDER PERSONS IN A SOCIAL AND HEALTH CENTER. PART 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF FALLS Abstract Introduction: Falls are an important public health pro- blem due to their high prevalence and their repercussions on the health of affected people. With age, the number and severity of falls increases. Objective: To analyze the incidence and characteris- tics of falls in the healthcare context of el- derly residents and reduction of risk factors for falls. Method: Retrospective study in a residential area for the elderly during the year 2018. The data is obtained from the Falls Registration Sheet, an instrument prepared by the therapeutic team and filled out by the healthcare staff every time a fall occurs. Results: In total 259 older people were treated, 80 men (30.89%) and 179 women (69.11%). Of these, 106 (40.93%) suffered a total of 313 falls. 40 people (12.77%) had a single fall and 66 people (87.22%) had 2 or more falls. 46.10% roam alone. 42.48% occurred in common areas: hallway, living room or di- ning room. They occurred during the day in 75.95%. 25.76% were alone, the rest in the presence of other people. Due to a sudden decrease in leg forces, 10.17%. The slippery ground at 4.41%. Most of them had no con- sequences, but 22.7% were mild. It was ne- cessary to transfer to the hospital for study in 7 cases. There was no pelvic fracture in any case. Conclusions: The number of people with repeated falls seems high, but it seems a consequence of personal characteristics than environmental ones. Very positive seems the absence of serious consequences (no fracture). Despi- te the high comorbidity of the residents, a significant number roam alone. They happen during the day, in common places and in the presence of other people. Keywords: Falls, Seniors, Social and Health Center. E. González-Pablos / I. Herreros Guilarte / J. Aguado Rodríguez / J.J. Almagro López / F.J. Subirá Pérez / G. Hoyos Villagrá / J.M. Valles de la Calle / N. Miguel de Diego / E. Negro González / C. Martín-Lorenzo